*Director Member & Play Development Unit: Actors Studio West

Smartphone Theatre (Founder)

Weekly series of livestreamed staged readings by professional actors, directors and playwrights.


Seasoned Scenes at the WGAw

"Erased" by Monty Broussar

"By the Window" by Alice Lunsford

"The Princes" by Paul Chitlik

"Sex & Death"  Written by Thomas Thonson

Stage Reading at the WGAw



Barbara Bain     Paul Gunning     Joe Keyes          Ellen Ratner

Terri Apple        Kimberly Green   Smokey Miles    Lenny Love, Jr.

Lily Mercer

Assorted Stagings & Readings at the Actors Studio West

Danillo's Bargain by Ryan Gillespie

The Reluctant Muse by Hildy Brooks