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On-Camera Conversations

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Mark Rydell

Oscar nominated for his direction of On Golden Pond,  Mark Rydell and Todd Felderstein enjoy a conversation about his career as an actor, director and his love of the Actors Studio.

Mark Rydell screen.png

Asaad Kelada

The director of Who's the Boss, the pilot of Family Ties and many other legendary television shows, Asaad shares the genisis of his enormous body of work which includes screen, stage and over 600 episodes of classic TV.

Asaad Kelada_screen.png

Mitch Ryan

With a career that spans over 60 years on stage, screen and today as an author with his memoir Fall of a Sparrow, the late Mitch Ryan shares stories of triumph and challenge in his final heartfelt interview.

Mitch Ryan_Screen.png

Lou Antonio

Actor/Director Lou Antonio regales Todd Felderstein with anecdotes from his illustrious career birthed from humble Kansas beginnings to the world which includes the Broadway stage and the Hollywood screen.


Alan Arkin

Oscar winner Alan Arkin sits down with Todd in a fasccinating conversation about acting, his long career and what it means to be human.

Alan Arkin_Screen.png

Howard Storm

From the streets of New York to directing Robin Williams in the earth-shattering Mork & Mindy, Howard Storm shares his life's journey from his comedic on-stage beginnings to directing dozens of classic television shows.

Howard Storm_Screen.png
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