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Reservations One Sheet

Director/Producer: Todd Felderstein

WINNER: Classical Arts Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION: CineFest, Short+Sweet Hollywood, Directors Circle of Shorts, Vagabond Film Fest, All Voices, Audience Awards, Genre Celebration, Shorts at the Seaside, Hollywood Reel Film Fest

Kanashimi Final Movie Poster

Producer: Todd Felderstein

Director: Michael Horwitz

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Pasadena Film Festival

Tzeva Adom final Movie Poster

Producer: Todd Felderstein

Director: Michael Horwitz

WINNER: San Diego Jewish Film Fest, LA Cinema Fest, Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION: NBC Short Film Fest, Hollywood Just4Shorts, Hollywood Reel Fest, Pasadena Film Fest, Cannes Film Fest (Emerging Filmmaker Showcase, LA Indie, Indy Shorts ++

The Owner Final Movie Poster
Last Statement final movie poster

Co-Director/Co-Writer: Todd Felderstein

OFFICIAL SELECTION: New Filmmakers New York


Train Station final movie poster

Co-Director: Todd Felderstein

Filmed by 25 filmmakers on 5 continents, “The Owner” follows the adventures of an old backpack that is passed from character to character around the world.

Spider-Man, the new animated series

Co-Director: Todd Felderstein

WINNER: Miami Independent, Los Angeles Diversity, Pune Independent, Rincon International, Blow-Up Chicago Arthouse (Finalist), CICFF

OFFICIAL SELECTION: DC Independent, Berlin Independent, Sudan, Bali Balinale, Kansas International

Co-Writer (The Sword of Shikata): Todd Felderstein

Starring: Neil Patrick Harris, Lisa Loeb, Ed Asner, Gina Gershon

Produced by: Sony Family Entertainment

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