*Director Member & Play Development Unit: Actors Studio West

"Way of the Peaceful Warrior"

Musical adaptation of Dan Millman's classic novel.                    Book by TM Felderstein

*In Development                                                                          Music & Lyrics by Chris Pierce


"People Will Talk"

Written by Scott Mullen

Broadwater Main Stage

Brisk Festival 2019



Kimberly Green & Curtis Belz

"The Goode Sisters of Westchester"

Written by Lily Mercer

Lee Strasberg Institute/Marilyn Monroe Theatre

Short + Sweet Theatre Festival 2018

Starring:   Leah Allers   Miranda Parham

"I Wish You Had Never Been Born"

Written by Scott Mullen

Stella Adler Theatre

Short + Sweet Hollywood Festival 2017


Blaine Kern   Lovie Underwood   Ursula Maria

"I Love Lucy"

Written by Bara Swain

Stella Adler Theatre 2018

Starring:   Renee O'Connor   Victoria Jacobsen

"Vietnam Zippos"  

Written by Joe Weintraub

Stella Adler Theatre 2017

Starring:   Dimitri Aurelus   Blaine Kern

Ron Weisberg   Monica Parks


Written by Jeffrey Fischer Smith

Stella Adler Theatre

Short + Sweet Hollywood Festival 2016


Starring:   Dale Raoul & Ray Thompson

(Winner: Best Production/Playwright/Actress)

Press: http://www.shortandsweet.org/news/shortsweet-hollywood-2016-winners


"The Owl and the Pussycat"

Written by Bill Manhoff

Complex Theatre Los Angeles 2016


Marlies Bauer Bell   Zac Fouche



Fringe Review - Recommended!

Felderstein's stage adaptation of

"The Owl and The Pussycat" gushes

with carnal creativity

"Beautifully designed set in a small

stage. Brilliant acting by both actors."


Marlies Bauer Bell and Zach Fouché. Insightful, poignant and playful adaptation and direction by Todd Felderstein."

"Fantastic, hilarious and captivating. Not a boring or false moment even within the absurdity of the plot. I could not stop watching, it was riveting. Could not take my eyes off the players. It moved fast and was completely captivating! I loved this modern interpretation! Todd Felderstein is an amazing, gifted director."