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CAMERA CONVERSATIONS is a nonfiction new media digital series that explores the "How" behind accomplishment over struggle. Inspired as a type of virtual mentoring for teens, CAMERA CONVERSATIONS has since grown to a resource for an audience of all ages. 


This series was originally launched on AwesomenessTV.   


Ellis Hall: How To Sing With Your Soul

"Bring your A game" says Ellis Hall, a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist with credits and accolades from "Tower of Power" to the only musician to be on the CrossOver label other than Ray Charles. This is his conversation.

Alex: How to Decipher Your Pronoun

Born and raised as a female person, Alex continues to share his journey as a pregnant trans male in a telling conversation about his reaction to testosterone, his father's love and what its like to be a seahorse.

Michael Thompson: How to be a Rock Guitar Giant

Looking back on a career most guitar players can only dream about, Michael Thompson has spent the majority of his professional life creating tracks that have topped the charts for many of the top music producers of the time. What's next? Family, music and bike riding, in that order.

Patrisse Cullors: How to Organize a Global Movement

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors furthers the conversation discussing the rise of Black Lives Matter, the amazement behind America's current elected officials, leadership, determination and if it is at all possible to eradicate racism, ever.

Renee O'Connor: Finding Xena

From a childhood in Texas to the New Zealand countryside where she created the now legendary character of Gabrielle on the hit television show "Xena: Warrior Princess", Renee credits her passion for the arts, focus and the undying support from her mother for keeping her on track.

Marissa Roth: How the Photojournalist Respects the War Zone

"How you do anything is how you do everything," is how Marissa Roth approaches life. Addressing the responsibility of the photojournalist and her passion behind her profession is what lies behind her ongoing success.

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