Projects include:                                                                                                                         Featuring the music of FINK

  • Last Statement                                                                                                                     Track: Trouble's What You're In

  • Peace Jam

  • The Train Station

  • The Owner

  • Focus

  • What Price Super?

  • Spider-Man, the animated series


Clips of various short form rock-docs (aka Muviettes) directed and produced by Todd Felderstein


Docs include:


  • The Road: Return to Funk (featuring the band Rufus with Bobby Watson, John Robinson, Niki Haris, Michael Thompson)

  • Winifred Adams, featuring guitarist Tim Pierce

  • Ryan Cox, produced by Preston Glass and features Booker T. Jones

  • N'Kenge, features Sterling Radcliff, Ray Parker, Jr., Ray J

  • Kaiulani, features Chris Stills, Stuart Cole

  • Vesta Williams



"Who Stole My Monuments" was commissioned by the environmental think-tank Environment Now to bring attention to the national (and global) epidemic of clear-cutting.